Hanukkah (aka Chanukah) starts this coming Thursday night, December 7th. Google has added its Hanukkah decorations to the Google Search results interface to celebrate. Google does this every year and (Tegnap | searchengineroundtable)
Why Strategic Technology Enhancements Revolutionize Lawn Industry Marketing
As a business owner in the lawn care industry, staying ahead of the competition is crucial. However, with trends and customer expectations rapidly changing, it can be difficult to keep up. Strategic technology enhancements are an invaluable resource for businesses Why Strategic Technology Enhanceme... (Szo. | marketingblog)
24 Best Free Marketing & Sales Icons for Your Website or App
Icons are visually appealing and convey information instantly. Learn how to use icons to their full potential in your marketing and sales efforts. (Pén. | hubspot)
Daily Search Forum Recap: December 1, 2023
Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today, through the eyes of the Search Engine Roundtable and other search forums on the web. I am celebrating the 20th year anniversary of writi (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
16 of the Best Facebook Ad Examples That Actually Work (And Why)
Find out how Facebook ads work, the types and formats available to you, and take a look at 16 Facebook Ad examples that show how best to use them. (Pén. | hubspot)
Google Merchant Center Next will soon support rules and supplemental feeds
Merchants needing access to these features are recommended to stick with the classic mode of GMC Next until Google invites them to migrate. (Pén. | searchengineland)
How to optimize sales and marketing processes for efficient customer acquisition
Learn new tactics to drive efficiency in your customer acquisition efforts and boost sales and marketing performance. (Pén. | Martech)
The latest jobs in martech
On the hunt for something new? Check out who's hiring in martech this week. (Pén. | Martech)
Meta to launch Threads in the EU within weeks
The news comes just days after X's biggest advertisers boycotted the platform, including Disney, Paramount and Sony Pictures. (Pén. | searchengineland)
Reddit launches new Conversation Placement ad formats
Carousel Ads and Product Ads are now globally accessible to all marketers as a way to expand reach beyond Reddit feeds. (Pén. | searchengineland)
AWS expands its martech competency program
AWS is accrediting software and consultancy partners with a wide range of martech and adtech capabilities. (Pén. | Martech)
Social media
5 Killer Strategies for Social Media Growth [Infographic]
Some handy pointers for your 2024 strategic planning. (02:04 | socialmediatoday)
Instagram Chief Offers More Insight into Content Ranking in Threads
The Threads team is looking to take a different approach to content ranking in the app. (00:37 | socialmediatoday)
Reddit Adds New Elements to its Reply Stream Ad Placements
New options for your Reddit promotions. (Tegnap | socialmediatoday)
Meta Faces New Questions Over the Distribution of CSAM Material in its Apps
EU regulators have called on Meta to outline how it's working to address CSAM content. (Tegnap | socialmediatoday)
Updates to Meta Ads Bidding
Meta made updates to Cost Per Result Goal and Return on Ad Spend bid strategies that could make them even more useful. (Tegnap | Jon Loomer)
Mesterséges intelligencia: emberfeletti kilátások
Jimmy Wales, a Wikipédia alapítója szerint még akár fél évszázadba is telhet, de megjelennek majd emberfeletti MI-k, ezek létrejöttében azonban hatalmas szerepe van és lesz is a szabad enciklopédiának. A Wikipédia atyja a mesterséges intelligencia terén úttörő Sam Altmanről, Elon Muskról és a ChatGP... (07:10 | Vg)
The Universe According To Coperni: Apple, Evian Water And AI Tech
AI is one of the biggest revolutions of our time as long as we use it in the right way:" Coperni co-founder Arnaud Vaillant (07:00 | forbes)
Looking back at a transformative year for AI
Breakthrough AI and LLMs like ChatGPT have unleashed waves of optimism, apprehension and speculation. What will 2024 bring? (Tegnap | venturebeat)
Véletlenül egy ChatGPT által írt törvényt fogadtak el Brazíliában
A lépés többekben ellenérzéseket váltott ki. (Tegnap | Index)
A Wikipédia atyja szerint lassan, de biztosan mindenkit felülmúl majd a mesterséges intelligencia
Jimmy Wales, a Wikipédia alapítója szerint még akár fél évszázadba is telhet, de megjelennek majd emberfeletti MI-k, ezek létrejöttében azonban hatalmas szerepe van és lesz is a szabad enciklopédiának. A Wikipédia atyja a mesterséges intelligencia terén úttörő Sam Altmanről, Elon Muskról és a ChatGP... (Tegnap | Vg)
Marketingesek, zenészek és grafikusok munkáját veheti el a mesterséges intelligencia
Bár kezdetben úgy tűnt, hogy a mesterséges intelligencia a fizikai munkák felett veszi át először az irányítást, ez az elmélet mára megdőlni látszik. A ChatGPT-hez köthető mesterséges intelligencia-alapú eszközök gyors fejlődése az eddig biztonságosnak tartott ,,tudásalapú munkákat" még hamarabb sod... (Tegnap | Hirklikk)
A better way to YouTube
Also in this weeks Installer: Cybertrucks, Spotify Wrapped, and ChatGPT. (Tegnap | theverge)
Doing Nothing Breaks The System: Transforming A Moment Into A Movement (Part 5 Of The Time Capsule Project Series)
If nothing is broken, do we need to fix it? Its an age-old question that triggers concern in people because it feels like the answer is not intuitive. Most people should say, no. However, there are two specific circumstances that we should say, yes. (Tegnap | forbes)
Corvinus-kutatás: a fejlődő országok szegényei nem érdeklik a mesterséges intelligenciát
Egy éve, november 30-án tették hozzáférhetővé a ChatGPT-t. Ennek kapcsán is aktuális a téma, az MI etikusan működik-e. A Corvinus kutatása szerint sok globális problémát figyelmen kívül hagy az MI etikusnak szánt, ún. emberközpontú megközelítése. (Tegnap | Prim)
ChatGPT is writing legislation now
A Brazilian city councilman secretly submitted an ordinance written by ChatGPT. (Szo. | mashable)
2023 Survey Review: State Of Marketing Data Standards In The AI Era
Watch on-demand and learn how to level up your data strategy and avoid potential pitfalls using marketing data trends from top advertisers. (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
Digital to drive 5.7% UK adspend growth in 2024
But Magna predicts another tough year for traditional media, including TV. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Agencies on the Agenda: M&C Saatchi, Exposure and Leo Burnett
Campaign highlights the three agencies on its radar from the past week. (Pén. | campaignlive)
The latest jobs in search marketing
Land your next job in SEO or PPC. These brands and agencies are hiring to fill open search marketing positions right now. (Pén. | searchengineland)
Which brand had the best Spotify Wrapped parody?
Merriam-Webster, Jack in the Box and the Empire State Building had creative responses to the popular campaign. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Why a content gap analysis should be part of your SEO strategy
Learn how comparing your site content against competitors can help you find untapped keywords and areas to better meet user needs. (Pén. | searchengineland)
How to combine Google Ads with other channels to retarget, nurture and convert
Five tips for using Google Ads retargeting with email, organic traffic, cross-device tracking, direct mail, and social media. (Pén. | searchengineland)
Katherine Ryan returns as stroppy critic in Now Christmas ad
Spot was made by House 337. (Pén. | campaignlive)
9 SEO tactics for the holiday period
Here are tips to optimize your site for more organic visibility, website traffic and conversions this holiday season. (Pén. | searchengineland)
20 Years Covering The Search Industry
20 years ago tomorrow (December 2, 2003), I started this blog aimed at archiving some of the best discussions within the search marketing community. It has now been 20 years that I (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
7 Strategies for Building a Timeless Marketing Campaign
Image by Kaboompics.com on Pexels Every industry can be competitive. For this reason, businesses must constantly find ways to stand out, build their brand, and gain more customers or clients. Launching marketing campaigns is an excellent way for businesses to 7 Strategies for Building a Timeless M... (Pén. | marketingblog)
Google Discover Showing Older Content Since Follow Feature
Typically, Google Discover shows content that is less than a day old, but it can show content that is weeks, months, or even years old. However, typically, Google will show more recent content in the (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
Google Pay Accepted Labels In Google Search Results
Google seems to be testing a Google Pay Accepted label or icon in the Google search results. This label has the super G logo followed by the words (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
Google May Be Testing Removing Cache Link From Search Results
Google seems to be testing removing the cache link from the search result snippet about this result box. I am in a test where the cache link is no longer available but while trying it while signed ou (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
Google Local Listing With "Serves Vegetarian Dishes" Justifications / Label
Google is testing showing a justification (or label) for local restaurant listings within Google Search and Google Maps that says (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
How to Create a Lead Generation Website: 9 Simple Optimizations
Learn the basics of lead generation and the steps to follow to create a lead generation website from scratch. (Pén. | hubspot)
Email Marketing vs. SEO: What You Need To Know for 2024 (New Research)
Email marketing and SEO are tried and true marketing channels but is one better than the other? Read on to discover if there (Pén. | hubspot)
6 Social Selling Tools to Consider
Learn about how you can meet customers where they (Pén. | hubspot)
Google Zurich Hosts Lego Robotics & Coding
Google held an event named Lego Robotics and Coding at the Google Zurich office in Switzerland. That means there were robots at the office. Here is an embed from Instagram of more of those photos. (Pén. | searchengineroundtable)
I Asked 13 Buffer Leaders for Advice on Succeeding in My New Role
As a new Bufferoo, I asked my teammates how to thrive at the company. Their guidance will stay with me for the rest of my career and it might help you, too. (Pén. | buffer.com)
ITV gives primetime media spot to viral Instagram Christmas ad
'Charlies Bar' was created on a budget of £700 for Charlies Bar in Enniskillen, Northern Ireland. (Pén. | campaignlive)
ITV launches pilot to support production companies owned by underrepresented groups
The scheme matches companies led or owned by people of colour, or deaf, disabled and/or neurodivergent people with an ITV comissioner. (Pén. | campaignlive)
The 17 Best Ad Networks For Content Creators In 2024
Ad networks are one of the best ways for content creators to monetize their content. Here are the best ad networks to choose from in 2024. (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
Audible uses outdoor special builds to inspire imagination
New campaign highlights true crime, sci-fi and fantasy genres. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Best Portable Generators: Be Prepared With Our Picks
Portable generators can be a life-saver in a power outage. Here, weve rounded up the best options available on Amazon.
(05:30 | smallbiztrends)
The Creatorverse Exchange Reel: Robyn GirlBossTown DelMonte and Katie Welch
Reel from Creator Robyn GirlBossTown DelMonte and Katie Welch, CMO at Rare Beauty
(05:19 | adweek)
Best Portable Power Stations: Top Picks for Your Business
Invest in a portable power station to keep your small business powered anywhere. We found ten great options on Amazon.
(05:00 | smallbiztrends)
The Creatorverse Exchange Reel: Emmanuel Duverneau and Sherene Jagla
A Reel from Creator Emmanuel Duverneau and Sherene Jagla, Chief Demand Officer at Impossible Foods
(04:42 | adweek)
Get Organized With the Best Tool Chest For Your Business
Having a sturdy, secure tool chest keeps all of your important items organized. Find the best tool chest for your needs on our list below.
(04:30 | smallbiztrends)
Best Rolling Tool Box: Organize Your Workspace
Let our guide help you find the best rolling tool box for your business needs. We have picks from Amazon and FAQs.
(04:30 | smallbiztrends)
The Creatorverse Exchange Reel: Yasmine Sahid & Kelly Burke
A Reel from Creator Yasmine Sahid and Kelly Burke, Director of Brand Marketing & Strategy at Avocados from Mexico
(03:53 | adweek)
Marketing Automation Software: 9 Options to Take Your Business to the Next Level
Marketing a business, online or off, is time intensive. That
(03:14 | smallbiztrends)
Wood Planers For Sale: Great Picks For You
If you work with any type of lumber, you know how helpful wood planers can be. Below are 10 great wood planers for sale on Amazon.
(03:00 | smallbiztrends)
Best Socket Set: Top Picks for Your Business
Having the best socket set allows you to take care of many different tasks. Here are our top picks from Amazon.
(03:00 | smallbiztrends)
Magna Upgrades U.S. Ad Outlook Marginally, Cites Second Half Growth
"Advertising spending re-accelerated in the second half of 2023 after four slow quarters from mid-22 to mid-23," Magna's Vincent Letang noted.
(01:30 | mediapost)
Lavalier Microphones: Picks for Your Videos and Streams
Getting a lavalier microphone can be a solid investment for streamers and video content creators. Here are lavalier microphone picks for your videos and streams.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Best Snow Blowers: Top Picks For Tackling Winter Weather
The snow blowers on our list will get you prepared for inclement weather and keep your premises clear for your customers. Check them out below.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Milkshake Machine: Great Picks for Your Business
Considering adding tasty milkshake treats to your diner or food truck menu? You certainly need a commercial milkshake machine.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Financial Perks and Benefits for Employees: Top 6 Options for Small Businesses
You dont have to give out pay raises to financially lure and retain top talent. Consider the 6 best financial perks and benefits for employees instead.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Commercial Air Freshener: Selections for a Fresh and Inviting Business
If you are looking for a commercial air freshener for your business, here are some options to keep your space smelling great.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Wood Lathes For Sale: Options for Your Woodworking Business
Wood lathes are must-have tools for woodworkers, and finding the right one is crucial. Here are some great wood lathes for sale on Amazon.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
Extension Ladders For Sale: Get One For Your Business
Extension ladders can come in very handy at your business or worksite. Check out our list below to find the best extension ladders.
(Tegnap | smallbiztrends)
10 Copying and Printing Franchises to Conquer FedEx Office
With the sector on the rise, entrepreneurs looking for a business to invest in may want to consider these copying and printing franchises.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
The 20 Best Sales Pitch Ideas for Your Small Business
Start signing up more customers by using these sales pitch ideas that focus on your clients and underscore the value of your products or services.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
19 Top Health and Fitness Apps to Keep Small Business Owners Active
Reduce the risk of living a sedentary lifestyle both on and off the job by using one, or several, tools from this list of the best health and fitness apps.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
What is a Business Continuity Plan and Can it Benefit your Business?
A big part of small business success is a business continuity plan. This is the fallback for your business when a mishaps threatens your company.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
7 Ways to Automate Conversations with Your Customers
Streamline your customer communications management with 7 practical automation techniques, saving time and enhancing client satisfaction.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
5 Customer Service Tips For Modern Businesses
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
Small Business Experts Spill Their Top SEO Secrets
Search engine optimization is among the most important marketing concepts for businesses. Small business experts spill their top SEO secrets
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
Celebrity Tequila Brand Supporting Small Businesses Through Grant Program
Some large businesses use small business grant programs to give back to their communities; here are some of the companies making it happen.
(Szo. | smallbiztrends)
X to Double Down on SMBs Following Musks Advertiser Attack
The platform also clarified that ad revenue losses would be between $10 million to $12 million
(Szo. | adweek)
Musk Courts SMBs, After Telling Big Advertisers 'F*ck You'
X has a new ad strategy -- to support small and medium-sized businesses. Musk wants to attract smaller companies to fix X's failing ad business after he told big brands boycotting his social media platform to f*ck off.
(Szo. | mediapost)
21 Best FAQ Page Examples (+ How To Create Your Own)
An FAQ page is the center of a websites knowledge hub. Use these best FAQ examples and our how-to guide to create an FAQ page to meet your customers needs.
(Pén. | Shopify)
Paramount+ Expands Airlines Push With LATAM Deal
Branded channels on international airlines build awareness as streamer expands worldwide.
(Pén. | mediapost)
TikTok rolls out lauded advertising solution to UK market
TikTok is bringing its 'Pulse Premiere' advertising solution to the UK market, with Sky Sports already announced as its first approved publisher.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
A Small Business Guide to Protecting Customer Data and Information
Protect customer data with these 5 essential strategies for small businesses, ensuring privacy and security.
(Pén. | smallbiztrends)
Behind the judges curtain: judging the DMA Awards 2023
The DMA Awards showcase the best talent the UK marketing industry has to offer, so we took a seat on the judges table to find out more.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
The Delusion List
The shift from "exclusion" to "inclusion" lists is perhaps the most important shift in media planning in recent years. Today, I'd like to propose a new one: the "delusion" list.
(Pén. | mediapost)
AI Interest Engine Integrates With Google Ads
Lytics built an Interest Engine on a suite of AI tools, including Google Vertex AI for Natural Language Processing. It helps brands create graphs that link profiles to real-time interests for ad targeting across every major ad network.
(Pén. | mediapost)
Snickers Spots Joel McHales Tastebuds in Wacky Workout Spot
Joel McHale and Snickers made a workout routine for tastebuds.
(Pén. | adweek)
TV Topics Everyone Talks About Today
The TV topics everyone talks about today can be summed up in three words, "streaming, streaming, streaming."
(Pén. | mediapost)
51 Ways to Say Thank You A Gigantic List (Bookmark It!)
Explore unique ways to say thank you in business, strengthening relationships with clients, partners, and teams.
(Pén. | smallbiztrends)
ClearScore breaks the mould with touching cost-of-living ad
ClearScore is looking to break the mould with a boldly emotion-led campaign that aims to connect to reality of financial challenges.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
20 Tricks of the Trade to Develop Superior Customer Service
Discover 20 customer service tips for enhancing loyalty and attracting new clients, essential for business growth.
(Pén. | smallbiztrends)
Publishers Disguising Gen AI Content Risk Commercial and Reputational Blowback
The share price of the publicly traded Arena Group has dropped 20%, wiping out millions of dollars in value, according to public filings
(Pén. | adweek)
Leo Burnett UK launches all-new design studio
Leo Burnett has launched POPDesign, a new design studio that will operate its own business proposition, strategy and client list.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
NOW transforms Katherine Ryan into giant Christmas pudding for 2023 festive ad
NOW has once again enlisted Katherine Ryan's star power, this time dressing up as a traditional Christmas pudding for its 2023 festive ad.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
David Gandy stars in lavishly shot Hackett x Wellwear collab film
Hackett London and David Gandy Wellwear have released a sumptuously-shot new ad to celebrate the launch of their collaboration.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
Stealth comms and cultural awareness key to reaching climate change persuadables
Stealth communications and cultural awareness crucial inspiring climate action among persuadables, according to ACT Climate Labs research.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
Viral Photo Falsely Claims To Show Man Who Stabbed Derek Chauvin
A photo purporting to show John Turscak, the man who recently stabbed Derek Chauvin, has been circulating widely online. But that
(Szo. | forbes)
Create Boring Content
While you may think you need to use bold and controversial hooks with your videos, you may actually do more harm than good. Be boring.
(Szo. | Jon Loomer)
Google Ads vs. Facebook Ads: Finding the Best Fit for Your Business
In the vast landscape of online advertising, choosing the right platform is crucial for the success of any business. Two giants, Google Ads and Facebook Ads, dominate the digital marketing realm, each with its strengths...read more
(Szo. | socialmediaexplorer)
5 Considerations for the Future of X Following Elons Anti-Advertiser Comments This Week
Elon has made his stance on advertisers clear - but will that lead to the end of the platform as we know it?
(Szo. | socialmediatoday)
Average Engagement Rates for 13 Industries [November 2023]
Compare your results to average engagement rates in your industry to get a better understanding of your performance and brag about your wins with confidence.
(Pén. | hootsuite)
Hiking to Everest Base Camp: How Social Media is Transforming the Trekking Experience
In the world of trekking, the journey to Everest Base Camp is a coveted adventure, attracting enthusiasts from across the globe. However, in todays digital age, the experience of hiking to Everest Base Camp is...read more
(Pén. | socialmediaexplorer)
Youve Got This
I've been open about my struggles during the past three years. But things are turning around with the help of short-form video.
(Pén. | Jon Loomer)
Montanas TikTok Ban Blocked By Federal Judge
A federal judge blocked Montanas ban on TikTok on Thursday, saying the incoming law violated free speech and was primarily done to target Chinas role in developing and promoting the popular app.
(Pén. | forbes)
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