Optimize your ad campaigns by addressing data inaccuracies. Leverage conversion APIs for more accurate tracking and better performance. (16:00 | searchengineland)
Daily Search Forum Recap: June 24, 2024
Here is a recap of what happened in the search forums today... (16:00 | searchengineroundtable)
Eye Care Marketing: A Look At Lenstores Unique Strategies
More and more people are seeking eye care services and products in the UK. The eye care market is projected to reach £125.40m by 2024. Revenue is primarily driven by increased vision issues, an ageing population, and longer screen time; people are seeking greater care and preventative measures to ma... (15:07 | marketingblog)
Wix Announces A Figma Plugin That Turns Designs Into Websites
Wix launches a new Figma Plugin that exports designs into Wix to transform a design into a functional website (15:00 | searchenginejournal)
Google Perspectives Can Show Instagram Posts
Google is now showing Instagram posts within its Perspectives feature in the Google Search results. This started a week ago or so, and I received a number of posts about this since. (13:41 | searchengineroundtable)
The Crucial Role of B2B Lead Generation in Business Success
In the competitive world of B2B marketing, lead generation stands as the cornerstone of a thriving business. This critical process involves identifying potential customers for your products or services and drawing them in with compelling reasons to buy. Understanding the significance of B2B lead gen... (13:39 | marketingblog)
Google Structured Data Carousel Guidance On How To Markup Multiple Items On Category Pages
Google has added a new bullet point in the structured data carousels (beta) help documentation around how to mark up categories with many items with that structured data. This is based on examples pages such as paginated content or infinite scroll. (13:31 | searchengineroundtable)
Mastering AI-Powered PPC Bid Strategies: A Guide To Maximizing Performance
Are you tired of guessing your way through PPC bidding? Learn about the types of bidding strategies for Google Ads and make data-driven decisions with AI. (13:30 | searchenginejournal)
Google: When You Should Fix Pages 404 Status Codes
Google has always said that having pages that serve a 404 status code is normal; most sites have them, and when a page does not exist on your site, and someone tries to access it, a 404 is the proper response. But Gary Illyes from Google is now sharing some cases when you should fix pages returning ... (13:11 | searchengineroundtable)
6 Threads Content Ideas For Your Next Post (+Tips to Help You Draft It)
In this article, discover 6 Threads content ideas for your next post. (13:00 | buffer.com)
Is Email Marketing Inbound or Outbound? 10 Examples & Top Differences
The debate is on! Do you think email marketing is inbound or outbound? In this guide, we (13:00 | hubspot)
Social media
6 Threads Content Ideas For Your Next Post
In this article, discover 6 Threads content ideas for your next post. (17:14 | buffer.com)
TikTok Files Official Motion to Oppose US Sell-Off Push
TikTok has outlined its case in opposition to the US Government's sell-off bill. (04:32 | socialmediatoday)
TikTok Files Official Motion To Oppose US Sell-off Push
TikTok has outlined its case in opposition to the US government's sell-off bill. (04:32 | socialmediatoday)
Metas Testing Automated Creative Variations for Reels
Another way to help optimize your Reels performance. (03:52 | socialmediatoday)
X Will Soon Provide Insight into When Your Audience is Active in the App
Valuable metrics from X, but are enough brands still around for it to matter? (03:28 | socialmediatoday)
Can AI perform technical SEO analysis effectively?
Learn how ChatGPT handles Screaming Frog crawl data and compare its insights to professional SEO tools like Ahrefs. (15:00 | searchengineland)
Reddit: Your new online reputation challenge
After partnering with Google, Reddit has strengthened ties with OpenAI as well. What does this mean for your online reputation? (14:00 | searchengineland)
Google Ads To Bring Automatically Created Assets To Ad Level?
There are reports that a change is coming to Google Ads ACA, Automatically Created Assets, that will bring this feature to the ad level. Anthony Higman said on X, "they are now adding them in at the ad level, to "fill the gaps in RSA's" and they will be using generative AI to do it." (13:51 | searchengineroundtable)
Kiszámolta a ChatGPT: ekkora eséllyel juthat tovább a magyar válogatott az Európa-bajnokságon
A magyar válogatott továbbjutási esélye az Európa-bajnokságon 67,7%-os, miután vasárnap este 1-0-ra legyőzte Skóciát az utolsó csoportmérkőzésén. Az esélyeket Békés Gábor közgazdász számolta ki az oddschecker.com és a ChatGPT felhasználásával - írta a (13:46 | PénzCentrum)
Google Using AI Overviews On Business Profiles Local Listings
Google is now using AI Overviews to write descriptions for the local panels shown in Google Search on Google Business Profiles. This is weird because Google Business Profiles lets you use AI to write business descriptions if you want to (at least they tested this). (13:21 | searchengineroundtable)
AI PCs might solve a real problem: The 'friction' that sees users ignore security
Trend Micro says cloudy email scans trigger GDPR warnings that deter users. Local models that use NPUs don't (13:20 | register)
Dominant AI players Nvidia, Microsoft, OpenAI face US antitrust inquiries
Hmm... world's most valuable companies furthest ahead with world's most coveted tech. WCGW? (13:20 | register)
Meta faces multiple complaints in Europe over plans to train AI on user data
Opt out, if you can, or prepare for your posts to be ingested (13:20 | register)
Adobe users just now getting upset over content scanning allowance in Terms of Use
Update that triggered web rage didn't really change much Photoshop slinger has always been able to scan your stuff (13:20 | register)
DuckDuckGo AI Chat promises privacy for bot conversations
There's also an off switch (13:20 | register)
Marketing Pros on How to Create Engaging Webinars That Boost Your Brand Authority
Webinars are on the rise. Use this handy guide to create an effective, compelling webinar that generates leads. (13:00 | hubspot)
New Marketing Jobs That Could Focus on AI [Data + Examples]
Dig in to discover which AI marketing jobs are in demand in the current market and how to start training to pursue these professional opportunities. (13:00 | hubspot)
Writing a Lead Nurturing Email? See My Essential 7 Tips to Get It Right
Struggling to convert leads into customers? Check out these lead nurturing best practices for setting up a successful email campaign. (12:45 | hubspot)
29 Must-Have Features For Ecommerce Websites
Explore the must-have ecommerce website features to maximize organic traffic, conversions, and sales. (11:30 | searchenginejournal)
Agencies on the agenda: McCann London, Initiative and Publicis Groupe
Campaign highlights the three agencies on its radar from the past week. (08:00 | campaignlive)
What Is Schema Markup & Why Is It Important For SEO?
Boost your search results with schema markup. Understand what it is and how to use it to make your webpages stand out. (00:30 | searchenginejournal)
Best Bachelors in Marketing Degrees in USA
Navigating Your Future in Marketing Choosing the right bachelor's degree in marketing can set the foundation for a successful career in the ever-evolving and exciting field of marketing. Marketing is not just about selling products; it's about understanding consumer behavior, crafting compelling mes... (Tegnap | marketingblog)
Top Tools To Help Your Company With Your eCommerce Business Growth
Growing an eCommerce business involves leveraging the right tools to enhance efficiency, customer engagement, and overall sales. For Shopify store owners, a plethora of applications are available to streamline operations and boost performance. This article delves into essential tools that can signif... (Tegnap | marketingblog)
Unlocking the Power of Email Marketing Software: Revolutionizing Business Communication
In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, email marketing software has emerged as an indispensable tool for businesses of all sizes. From small startups to colossal corporations, this technology has transformed the way companies connect with their audiences, driving engagement, conversions, and... (Tegnap | marketingblog)
7 Digital Marketing Tips for Strong Branding
https://unsplash.com/photos/person-using-microsoft-surface-laptop-on-lap-with-two-other-people-w79mIrYKcK4 In today's digital age, strong branding is essential for businesses to stand out in a crowded market. Digital marketing plays a crucial role in building and maintaining a robust brand presence.... (Szo. | marketingblog)
Why Digital Marketing is Essential for Modern Businesses
One of the most crucial strategies for achieving success is digital marketing. It's no longer a luxury but a necessity. With the rise of the internet and social media, consumers have more power and choices than ever before. This blog post will explore why digital marketing is vital for modern busine... (Szo. | marketingblog)
Google Clarifies Organization Merchant Returns Structured Data
Google clarifies documentation of merchant returns in the organization structured data requirements (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
Wieden & Kennedy Portland and DoorDash win Titanium Grand Prix
The UK received two Titanium Lions. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Glass Lions Grand Prix awarded to body lotion for transitioning women
The UK was not in the list of seven winners, nor was the US. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Orange and Sydney Opera House win Film Lions Grands Prix
Tor Myhren, vice-president of marketing communications at Apple, said Orange was rewarded for its idea, and Sydney Opera House for its film's entertainment value. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Publicis Conseil, Ogilvy and WPP win agency, network and most creative company of year at Cannes Lions 2024
WPP takes back holding company award from Omnicom. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Reporters Without Borders and Innocean Berlin take home Grand Prix for Good 2024
The work includes three 90-second films challenging autocratic politicians. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Protecting Your Kids Eyesight: 7 Practical Tips for Parents
In our technology-driven world, many parents worry about their children's eyesight. With screens becoming an integral part of daily life, it's essential to adopt practical strategies to protect young eyes. This blog provides six actionable tips for parents aimed at safeguarding their kids' vision an... (Pén. | marketingblog)
Google turns off Universal Analytics July 1: What you need to know
Universal Analytics shuts down on July 1, 2024, forcing a swift transition to Google Analytics 4 to maintain data access and measurement capabilities. (Pén. | searchengineland)
The latest jobs in search marketing
Land your next job in SEO or PPC. These brands and agencies are hiring to fill open search marketing positions right now. (Pén. | searchengineland)
Are you selling me a real Prada bag or a fake?
Marketing luxury goods like handbags and watches requires a means of sourcing those goods and telling if they're real or fake. (Pén. | Martech)
Cannes Lions 2024: see all the Grand Prix winners
This year's Grand Prix-winning campaigns in one place. (Pén. | campaignlive)
Gen Z Ditches Google, Turns To Reddit For Product Searches
Study reveals Gen Z's changing online habits: social media displaces search engines for product discovery, challenging traditional marketing strategies. (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
Mastering The Art Of In-House SEO [2024 Edition]
Level up your in-house SEO career. Learn from industry experts and develop the skills and techniques you need to stand out from the crowd. (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
The latest jobs in martech
On the hunt for something new? Check out who's hiring in martech this week. (Pén. | Martech)
M&C Saatchi Group re-shuffles top team with new UK group CEO
M&C Saatchi has appointed a new UK group chief executive, promoting Jo Bacon from her previous role as M&C Saatchi London chief executive.
(13:49 | marketingbeat)
Introducing Markets: A Unified Home for Business Expansion
Markets is the unified home for business expansion on Shopify. Markets enables growth not only via international expansion, but also through retail and B2B. With Markets, businesses can customize everything from their catalog to their stores theme, currency, and domainsall within a single shopin order to create customized buyer experiences for each of their markets.
(13:48 | Shopify)
Get the Insights You Need Faster Than Ever With Reimagined Analytics in Shopify
A new Shopify analytics experience that is faster, flexible, and intuitive so you can save time digging through reports and focus on optimizing your business.
(13:45 | Shopify)
McCann London poaches 4Creative exec as new chief creative officer
Creative agency McCann London has named 4Creative's executive creative director, Lynsey Atkin as its new chief creative officer.
(12:31 | marketingbeat)
Edelmans Cannes sustainability win slammed by Creatives for Climate
Creatives for Climate founder Lucy von Sturmer has slammed Edelman's Titanium Lion award-winning campaign, calling the award a 'distraction'.
(12:27 | marketingbeat)
Motability appoints VCCP as lead agency partner
Mobility charity Motability has appointed agency network VCCP Group as its new agency partner as its looks to develop its brand presence.
(12:15 | marketingbeat)
Fan focus: why sporting authenticity is key for scoring big
Zut's Mark Hancock shares his thoughts on why sporting authenticity will be key to standing out and scoring big over the coming months.
(12:10 | marketingbeat)
New Bauer Media audio platform boosts ad personalisation
Bauer Media Audio UK has launched a new platform which allows advertisers to target audiences with deeper personalisation options.
(11:30 | marketingbeat)
Lastminute.com taps into urgency as people book holidays from the loo
Lastminute.com has tapped into the sense of urgency felt by last-minute planners as it shows the array of places people can book holidays from.
(11:24 | marketingbeat)
M&C Saatchi names new chief financial officer
M&C Saatchi has appointed Simon Fuller as its new chief financial officer, replacing the outgoing Bruce Marson. He will take up the role from 1 July.
(10:45 | marketingbeat)
'Inside Out 2' Bangs Out Another $100M In Week Two
"Inside Out 2" has become the first animated movie ever to post $100 million or more in its second week of release, joining a group of seven movies to earn $100 million or more in their first and second weekend of release. It is also well on its way to gross over $1 billion overall globally, totaling $724 million ($355.2 million domestically and $369.2 million internationally) in two weeks of release so far, according to Comscore.
(00:40 | mediapost)
What Is Cash Flow Analysis? How to Do One (+ Examples)
A business performs a cash flow analysis to understand how much money it has on hand and where its money is coming from or going to.
(Tegnap | Shopify)
How To Register a Business in 6 Simple Steps (2024)
While it may sound daunting, registering your business entity is simpler than you may think. Read on to learn how to register a business with state and local agencies.
(Szo. | Shopify)
The Ultimate Guide to Launching Your Own Online Bookstore (2024)
Ready to turn your reading hobby into a business? Start your own online bookstore and learn everything from how to source books to where to sell them.
(Szo. | Shopify)
5 Types of Products With High Profit Margins
Products with high profit margins provide a high return on your investment and contribute to the growth of your company.
(Szo. | Shopify)
Preorders: Why You Should Offer Them (+ How To Set Them Up)
Preorders boost sales, improve customer relationships, and provide insights for business forecasting. Learn how to set them up.
(Szo. | Shopify)
A Cannes Wrap-Up: Barf Bags and Death-by-Toaster Win Big
Two very unlikely clients each earned a Cannes Lions Grand Prix at last week's festival.
(Szo. | mediapost)
Building a Thriving Beauty Empire: Etienne Ortegas Journey With ORTEGA
Etienne Ortega moved to LA chasing a career as a professional makeup artist. Discover his tips for building a professional network to help launch your brand.
(Pén. | Shopify)
TikTok Enhances In-App Travel Features With Apple Maps Integration
TikTok is expanding its in-app travel recommendation features for locations like New York, Boston and Texas. With an Apple Maps integration, TikTok is further cutting into the business of Yelp and Google Maps.
(Pén. | mediapost)
SpongeBob App Developer Settles Children's Privacy Charges In California
The mobile app developer Tilting Point has agreed to pay $500,000 to settle charges that its SpongeBob:Krusty CookOff app collected data from minors.
(Pén. | mediapost)
Edelman takes home Titanium Lion in legacy PR first Cannes 2024 winners
From Dove's wide-raging influencer campaign, Golin's creative audio spot for Specsavers, and Adam&Eve's pot noodle MB rounds up this season's award winners.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
5-Year Hit: Legacy Media Profits Halved, Linear Ads Share Decline
Profits among six large legacy media companies declined to $17.2 billion in 2023 from $37.3 billion in 2018.
(Pén. | mediapost)
Getting Started
Read posts about Starting Up on Ecommerce Marketing Blog - Ecommerce News, Online Store Tips & More. Interact with a community of savvy online store owners.
(Pén. | Shopify)
InjuryLawyers4U comes roaring back to TV after three-year hiatus
InjuryLawyers4U is returning to UK TV screens for the first time in three years with 'Lion-Hearted Accident Lawyers', an integrated brand campaign.
(Pén. | marketingbeat)
Introducing Shopifys Standard Product Taxonomy
Shopifys Standard Product Taxonomy, and the associated concept of product attributes, improve and speed up the way you create and classify products, make it easier to sell cross-channel, and most importantly, drive more discoverability of your products.
(Pén. | Shopify)
X Will Soon Make Live Streaming a Premium Only Feature
The update will reduce the amount of live streams in the app.
(02:56 | socialmediatoday)
X Will Soon Make Live-Streaming a Premium Only Feature
The update will reduce the amount of live-streams in the app.
(02:56 | socialmediatoday)
Instagram Experiments with Chat Widgets to Prompt More Engagement
Chat widgets would enable users to add additional indicators into their chats.
(02:12 | socialmediatoday)
How to Track Clicks on Site Links
There's one problem with Meta's new ad feature, Site Links: Tracking. Here is one way you can track clicks to Site Links on your ads.
(Tegnap | Jon Loomer)
Sleep Chronotypes and Why Sleep is Vital for Your Health
Discover your sleep chronotype and learn how to optimize your sleep hygiene for better health and well-being. Illuminate the path to restful nights and brighter days.
(Tegnap | socialmediaexplorer)
Breakdowns in Ads Manager Not Working
Ever since Meta announced the limited phaseout of Dynamic Creative, many of the breakdowns in Ads Manager haven't been working.
(Szo. | Jon Loomer)
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