Trend Micro says cloudy email scans trigger GDPR warnings that deter users. Local models that use NPUs don't (13:20 | register)
ChatGPT is ableist toward applicants with disabilities, new study finds
A university study found inherent disability biases in the AI chatbot when tasked with resume screening. (17:38 | mashable)
Famed toy retailer Toys"R"Us this morning released what it is touting as the "first-ever brand film" using OpenAI's text-to-video tool Sora, but readers of this column actually got to preview some of it -- albeit a typographically incorrect one -- even before it was a gleam Nik Kleverov's eye. (16:54 | mediapost)
Can AI perform technical SEO analysis effectively?
Learn how ChatGPT handles Screaming Frog crawl data and compare its insights to professional SEO tools like Ahrefs. (15:00 | searchengineland)
Reddit: Your new online reputation challenge
After partnering with Google, Reddit has strengthened ties with OpenAI as well. What does this mean for your online reputation? (14:00 | searchengineland)
Google Ads To Bring Automatically Created Assets To Ad Level?
There are reports that a change is coming to Google Ads ACA, Automatically Created Assets, that will bring this feature to the ad level. Anthony Higman said on X, "they are now adding them in at the ad level, to "fill the gaps in RSA's" and they will be using generative AI to do it." (13:51 | searchengineroundtable)
Kiszámolta a ChatGPT: ekkora eséllyel juthat tovább a magyar válogatott az Európa-bajnokságon
A magyar válogatott továbbjutási esélye az Európa-bajnokságon 67,7%-os, miután vasárnap este 1-0-ra legyőzte Skóciát az utolsó csoportmérkőzésén. Az esélyeket Békés Gábor közgazdász számolta ki az és a ChatGPT felhasználásával - írta a (13:46 | PénzCentrum)
Google Using AI Overviews On Business Profiles Local Listings
Google is now using AI Overviews to write descriptions for the local panels shown in Google Search on Google Business Profiles. This is weird because Google Business Profiles lets you use AI to write business descriptions if you want to (at least they tested this). (13:21 | searchengineroundtable)
Dominant AI players Nvidia, Microsoft, OpenAI face US antitrust inquiries
Hmm... world's most valuable companies furthest ahead with world's most coveted tech. WCGW? (13:20 | register)
Meta faces multiple complaints in Europe over plans to train AI on user data
Opt out, if you can, or prepare for your posts to be ingested (13:20 | register)
Adobe users just now getting upset over content scanning allowance in Terms of Use
Update that triggered web rage didn't really change much Photoshop slinger has always been able to scan your stuff (13:20 | register)
DuckDuckGo AI Chat promises privacy for bot conversations
There's also an off switch (13:20 | register)
Memphis to host 'Gigafactory of Compute' thanks to xAI and Elon Musk's billions
City known for blues, BBQ, and now possibly the 'world's largest supercomputer' (13:20 | register)
OpenAI to buy electricity from CEO Sam Altman's nuclear fusion side hustle
Knowing your supplier is always good and super lab's auditors promise to check for conflicts of interest (13:20 | register)
Mistral AI raises $644M, hits $6.2B in valuation
French firm has nearly tripled in value since beginning of the year (13:20 | register)
AMD's DC chief happy to work with Intel and others to chip away at Nvidia's AI empire
'If everybody's got their own little ecosystem, it's very inefficient' (13:20 | register)
Can platform-wide AI ever fit into enterprise security?
You know what they say about headlines that end in a question mark (13:20 | register)
McDonald's not lovin' its AI drive-thru experiment with IBM
Automated voice ordering still on the menu for the future, though (13:20 | register)
Payoff from AI projects is 'dismal', biz leaders complain
No wonder most orgs are slowing their spending (13:20 | register)
No, an AI bot isn't running for mayor of Cheyenne, Wyoming
But candidate Victor Miller tells The Reg he'll use machine learning to help govern (13:20 | register)
Waymo issues software fix after driverless taxi hits telephone pole
NHTSA already probing robo-car biz over crashes with 'clearly visible objects' (13:20 | register)
VMware revenue plunges $600M, but Broadcom assures investors growth plan is on track
Costs cut deeply, with more to come, and forward bookings surge (13:20 | register)
US senators propose guardrails for government AI purchases and operations
Bill proposes appointment of chief AI officers, privacy safeguards, and lots of testing (13:20 | register)
Microsoft cancels universal Recall release in favor of Windows Insider preview
Wider release coming real soon promise after the Windows faithful give it a thrashing (13:20 | register)
Euro banks worry AI will increase their dependence on US big tech
Putting such a dominant power in the middle of your supply chain a risky move... (13:20 | register)
Meta will use your social media posts to train its AI. Europe gets an opt out
What's German for 'thank goodness for actually useful privacy regulations'? (13:20 | register)
At Apple, AI stands for 'Apple Intelligence' and it's coming to everything
Cupertino promises private smarts, on-device or in the cloud (13:20 | register)
Apple built custom servers and OS for its AI cloud
Mashup of iOS and macOS runs on homebrew silicon, with precious little for sysadmins to scry (13:20 | register)
Using AI to spot young football talent
How The FA uses Google Cloud AI to identify future England football stars (13:20 | register)
Meta won't train AI on Euro posts after all, as watchdogs put their paws down
Facebook parent calls step forward for privacy a 'step backwards' (13:20 | register)
AI PC vendors gotta have their TOPS but is this just the GHz wars all over again?
As usual, things are more complicated than 'bigger number better.' (13:20 | register)
Musk wants to ban Apple at his companies for cosying up to OpenAI
Concerned about secrecy... or just mad no one's buying his AI tech? (13:20 | register)
Microsoft sends Copilot Pro's GPT Builder to the digital dumpster
Farewell, we hardly scripted thee (13:20 | register)
Brazil recruits OpenAI in brave bid to slash court battle costs
Bills from legal fights reach 1% of GDP. Hallucination rate no doubt higher (13:20 | register)
Elon Musk ends OpenAI lawsuit without explaining why
Court docs suggest this matter could have run for years (13:20 | register)
From RAGs to riches: A practical guide to making your local AI chatbot smarter
Nine out of 10 execs recommend adding Retrieval Augmented Generation to your daily regimen (13:20 | register)
UAE minister says US fears over Middle East becoming an AI proxy for China are valid
But we're America's friends, insists Omar Al Olama (13:20 | register)
Microsoft's Recall should be celebrated as the savior of SMEs and scourge of CEOs
Small businesses have seldom had the chance to understand how they work. A history of PC use makes it possible (13:20 | register)
Tencent ponders banning infomercials hosted by 'virtual humans' on its flagship video service
Beijing's interest in generative AI has its limits (13:20 | register)
IMF suggests tax on AI's CO 2 emissions, but not AI itself
Be afraid be very afraid: AI could also revolutionize tax itself, money boffins argue (13:20 | register)
Kiszámolta a ChatGPT-vel egy magyar közgazdász, mekkora eséllyel jutunk tovább a foci-Eb-n
67,7 százalék a magyar válogatott továbbjutási valószínűsége a foci-Eb-n, miután vasárnap este 1-0-ra sikerült megvernie Skóciát az utolsó csoportmérkőzésén számította ki Békés Gábor közgazdász az és a ChatGPT segítségével. (12:25 | Portfolio)
Történelmi áttörés: olyat csinált egy MI-modell, amire eddig csak emberek voltak képesek
Egy mesterséges intelligencia modell a történelem során most először ment át a számítógépek emberszerűségének mérésére szolgáló Turing-teszten. Egy júniusi kutatás szerint a ChatGPT 4.0-ás modelljét a résztvevők 54%-a nem volt képes megkülönböztetni az emberi beszélgetőpartnerektől. (12:20 | Portfolio)
Want Wi-Fi 7 on Windows 10? Forget it, Microsoft has confirmed its for Copilot+ PCs only
Windows 11 24H2 only to begin with, which is just Copilot+ PCs for now, at least (12:04 | techradar)
Samsung teases investment to get into the GPU game
A head-on assault on Nvidia seems unlikely but dumping AMD from Exynos has merit (08:05 | register)
Meta warns bit flips, other hardware faults cause AI errors
It's no hallucination: '4 in 1,000 inferences inaccurate' due to this alone, depending on the setup (08:05 | register)
Anthropic delivers Claude 3.5 model and a new way to work with chatbots
Fast, funny, visionary, sure ... anything that knocks OpenAI down a peg will do (02:48 | register)
SoftBank boss says 'artificial superintelligence' could be three years away
Plus: Huawei closer to divorcing Android; India probes Amazon warehouses; Singapore gets autonomous street sweepers (02:48 | register)
Musk ropes Dell, Supermicro into xAI supercomputer project
Oh, Mike, what have you got yourself into now (00:08 | register)
Can generative AI help build a global hive mind?
Collective Superintelligence will use emerging generative AI technologies to connect large human groups into real-time deliberative systems. (Tegnap | venturebeat)
Using AI to guide tomorrows England stars to greater glory
The English FA is using Google Cloud AI to gain insights from scouting reports to nurture star footballers of the future (Tegnap | register)
Study employs large language models to sniff out their own bloopers
What if it's LLMs all the way down? (Tegnap | register)
The new and improved Windows PCs are finally here
In this weeks Installer: Copilot PCs, Elden Ring, and Hank Green. (Tegnap | theverge)
Samsung Korea warns many apps won't run on its Qualcomm-powered Copilot+ PCs
FWIW Microsoft says 'your apps run great' even when emulated on Arm (Tegnap | register onprem)
OpenAI co-founder Ilya Sutskever's new startup aims to create 'safe superintelligence'
He's in competition with and critical of his former workplace (Tegnap | register)
Kiderült, hogy orosz dezinformációt terjeszt a ChatGPT és más mesterséges intelligenciák
Többször is kritika nélkül közöltek a moszkvai narratívának megfelelő és hamis információkat azok a mesterséges intelligenciák, amiket a NewsGuard elemzői vizsgáltak meg közelebbről. (Szo. | Hvg)
Search Marketing and Generative AI to Maximize the Impact of Marketing
Find out how you can use search marketing and generative AI to maximize the impact of your marketing efforts of your small business. (Szo. | smallbiztrends)
Why Lam Research funds startups to disrupt the semiconductor industry | Audrey Charles interview
Dont miss OpenAI, Chevron, Nvidia, Kaiser Permanente, and Capital One leaders only at VentureBeat Transform 2024. Gain essential insights about GenAI and expand your network at this exclusive three day event. Learn More Lam Research recently held its Lam Capital Venture Competition contest at its he... (Szo. | venturebeat)
Creative Sparks: Using AI for Effective Marketing Brainstorming Sessions
In this episode of AI in Marketing: Unpacked, Katie Richman shares how she's using generative AI every day to help with brainstorming. (Szo. | socialmediachat)
Történelmi fejlemény: a GPT-4 teljesítette a Turing-tesztet!
Egy új kutatás során az emberi résztvevők többsége nem tudta megkülönböztetni a GPT-4-et a valódi emberektől. Ez egy olyan fejlemény, amire korábban még nem volt példa ember és gép viszonylatában. (Szo. | Raketa)
My week so far with Copilot+ PC laptops: they might be the future, but not for the reasons Microsoft wants
With the Surface Laptop, Microsoft has finally got a MacBook killer (Szo. | techradar)
A kutatók szerint a ChatGPT legújabb változata már átment a Turing-teszten
A beszélgetőpartnerek többsége embernek hitte a mesterséges intelligenciát. (Szo. | Liner)
World's top AI chatbots have no problem parroting Russian disinformation
Study finds they're taking Putin pushers' point of view 30% of the time (Szo. | register)
Apple Intelligence won't be available in Europe because Tim's terrified of watchdogs
These privacy rules might harm privacy! No, really, that's totally why we're doing this (Szo. | register)
Google DeepMind's latest model promises realistic audio for your AI-generated vids
Launch comes as Runway, Pika, Kling push the boundaries of machine-imagined video (Szo. | register)
Can the New Claude AI Sonnet Model Beat ChatGPT-4o?
With significant improvements in intelligence, speed, and cost-effectiveness, Claude 3.5 Sonnet sets new industry benchmarks and challenges the reign of GPT-4o. (Pén. | decrypt)
OpenAI acquires search and analytics startup Rockset. What does that mean?
Well, we know it's related to data retrieval. (Pén. | mashable)
Helping nonexperts build advanced generative AI models
MosaicML, co-founded by an MIT alumnus and a professor, made deep-learning models faster and more efficient. Its acquisition by Databricks broadened that mission. (Pén. | mit)
Anthropic releases Claude 3.5 Sonnet. 3 things to know about the ChatGPT rival.
How Claude 3.5 Sonnet stacks up to ChatGPT. (Pén. | mashable)
OpenAIs first acquisition is an enterprise data startup
The maker of ChatGPT will integrate Rocksets enterprise search tech into its products. (Pén. | theverge)
Meta Quest users targeted in Windows app scam here's what you need to know
Be careful when searching for Meta Quest apps, experts warn
(18:47 | techradar)
REI's 4th of July Sale is here: Save up to 40% off all clearance gear
Camping just got a lot more budget-friendly.
(18:24 | mashable)
Vampire is the word in Nosferatus new teaser trailer
It hits theaters on December 25th.
(18:14 | theverge)
Did VPNArea just pull the rug on its customers?
With users unable to log in and its website down, customers are
(18:05 | techradar)
Everything leaving Hulu in July 2024
All movies, no TV shows
(18:01 | techradar)
How to create a local Microsoft account for Windows 11
If you want to reclaim some of your digital privacy by switching to a local account, heres some help.
(18:00 | mashable)
Amazon deal of the day: The Sennheiser Momentum 4 earbuds just hit a record-low price
Other top deals include the Instant Omni air fryer, Sunny walking pad, and Soundcore Life A3i earbuds.
(17:54 | mashable)
Photographers say Meta is labeling their photos as being 'made with AI' even when they're not
The "Made with AI" label is meant to disclose when an image has been manipulated with artificial intelligence.
(17:52 | mashable)
Microsoft has ditched its Project Natick underwater data center
Project Natick sunk by Microsoft after over a decade
(17:46 | techradar)
Robert Eggers' macabre 'Nosferatu' trailer will sink its teeth into you
The F. W. Murnau remake of our darkest dreams.
(17:36 | mashable)
Major record labels sue AI company behind BBL Drizzy
Two major names in AI music are being sued by the RIAA.
(17:32 | theverge)
Guess how much stored data is ever used or accessed
Not a lot, says NetApp's Matt Watts as he talks file classification, wastage, and power consumption
(17:32 | register onprem)
Starlink stuffs the internet into a backpack by invitation only
Satellite dishes not just for roofs anymore
(17:32 | register onprem)
Europe accuses Apple of preventing devs from telling users about world outside
Plus: Commission launches new probe into iPhone maker's efforts to work with new laws
(17:32 | register onprem)
Amazing. Incredible. Discover the astonishing power of Dell's AI-enhanced laptops
Discover the Dell difference with incredible performance, astonishing battery life and seamless AI
(17:31 | techradar)
Netflixs rumored Beef season 2 eyes up Oscar Isaac and Carey Mulligan for the potential shows new dueling duo
Beef could have a juicy new cast if season two goes ahead
(17:24 | techradar)
Dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks vandalized by someone who really doesnt like Elon Musk
The Cybertruck has been polarizing since its release.
(16:54 | theverge)
How to get Golden Braid Talisman in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree
Securing the Golden Braid Talisman in Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree is key to bolstering holy damage negation. Here are the steps.
(16:47 |
Snowflake data breach hits Los Angeles school board data on thousands of students stolen
LAUSD confirms the stolen data resided on Snowflake
(16:38 | techradar)
Netflix could be planning a completely free ad-supported service but theres a catch
Free Netflix? Sounds too good to be true
(16:33 | techradar)
The shift to cloud repatriation: Why organizations are making the change Part 1
Assessing workloads for potential cloud repatriation
(16:20 | techradar)
Everything new on Hulu in July 2024
This isn
(16:17 | techradar)
Diablo IVs fifth season brings in roguelite Infernal Hordes mode
Diablo 4's fifth season will include a new horde-style roguelite mode called Infernal Hordes that players may try out in the public test realm from June 25 to July 2.
(16:16 |
How digital twins can support digital transformation
Advantages of intelligent automation and digital twins
(16:11 | techradar)
Netflixs Greg Peters on a new culture memo and where ads, AI, and games fit in
Greg Peters discusses the future of Netflix amid a major change to famous culture memo.
(16:08 | theverge)
SwitchBots cheap universal remote can control your smart home, too
You may never need to get off the sofa again.
(16:08 | theverge)
Apple is in breach of EU's DMA, faces a humongous fine
The company has 12 months to comply, or else...
(16:02 | mashable)
Beyerdynamics first open-ear headphones promise Hi-Res Audio quality without cutting you off from the world
The Verio 200 deliver serious sound quality for runners, bikers, hikers and commuters too
(16:00 | techradar)
OnePlus Nord CE4 Lite launches with two-day battery life and a Galaxy-beating price
Flagship features at an un-flagship price
(15:55 | techradar)
F124 patch brings your Ferrari up to date and fixes a host of annoying bugs that still remained
The fifth patch for F124 has been released and brings with it bug fixes and new liveries for the Ferrari cars.
(15:51 |
'House of the Dragon' just played one of the oldest soap opera tricks in the book
It's a slapstick gambit but make it devastating.
(15:32 | mashable)
Apples entire Mac lineup could get an M4 refresh, starting with the MacBook Pro this year
M4 performance for all over the course of late 2024 and into 2025
(15:27 | techradar)
How to make an EV tire that wont pollute the environment
EV tires are a source of pollution.
(15:20 | theverge)
Shopifys AI Sidekick chatbot for merchants is now in early access
The company is announcing a bunch of AI-focused updates.
(15:20 | theverge)
Surgeons say they're losing hundreds of work hours due to inefficient tech
Surgeons are forced to use WhatsApp, Zoom, FaceTime
(15:02 | techradar)
US announces sanctions for Kaspersky antivirus executives
Move follows recent ban of Kaspersky US sales
(14:30 | techradar)
The iPad Pros Tandem OLED tech is coming to more Windows laptops says LG and thats embarrassing for MacBooks
With Dells XPS 13 already out there with Tandem OLED, and the OLED MacBook such a long way off, its not a great look for Apple
(14:02 | techradar)
PS2 fan favorite becomes PS Plus Premiums most popular classic game
Sly Cooper and the Thievius Raccoonus has been added to PlayStation Plus Premium and has become one of the services' biggest successes.
(13:55 |
OnePlus Pad Pro teased as the most powerful Android tablet ever made
The upcoming iPad rival is set to launch on June 27
(13:44 | techradar)
Apple in breach of law on App Store, says EU
It is the first time a company has been found to be in breach of the Digital Markets Act (DMA).
(13:38 | bbc)
Family sues NASA after home is hit by space junk
Compensation is being sought to "account for the stress and impact" of the event - while the lawyers said the case could pave the way for future claims because of how "real and serious" the issue of space junk had become.
(13:29 | sky)
Flight simmers have never had it so good as Moza Racing joins the cockpit creator gang with new range of aircraft controls
A new range of flight sim controls from the sim experts at
(13:27 |
Oops, has Amazon just leaked the dates for Prime Day 2024?
Can you spot the dates hidden in plain sight?
(13:20 | techradar)
Exploding batteries spark deadly S Korea factory fire
At least 22 people have been confirmed dead while eight others were injured, local authorities say.
(13:16 | bbc)
Millions of users potentially hit by TEG ticket sales data breach
Australian ticketing giant allegedly suffers major cyber-incident
(13:16 | techradar)
How to two-hand in Elden Ring and its benefits
Knowing how to two-hand in Elden Ring could net you some serious benefits. Here is what you need to know about the mechanic.
(13:02 |
A PS5 version of Minecraft is here - but it's not done quite yet
The developer still needs
(13:01 | techradar)
Apple is first company charged with violating EUs DMA rules
It could be fined up to $38 billion.
(12:42 | theverge)
Fortnite x Pirates of the Caribbean collab everything we know so far after Epic releases it by mistake and quickly removes it
Somebody at Epic confused June with July and now there is a right old mess with next month's Pirates of the Caribbean crossover.
(12:28 |
Dystopika review: Mesmerising cyberpunk city builder lets you make the Blade Runner metropolis of your dreams
Build your own futuristic Blade Runner cityscape with not of the fuss that city builders normally have. It's time to relax with Dystopika
(12:05 |
Jollibee data breach could affect millions of customers
Known threat actor is allegedly selling a huge Jollibee database
(11:46 | techradar)
Biden bans Kaspersky: No more sales, updates in US
Blockade begins July 20 on national security grounds as antivirus slinger vows to fight back
(11:20 | register onprem)
How Europe can force Apple to support competition
Open Web Advocacy report calls for these extensive changes to iGiant's rules
(11:20 | register onprem)
Since joining NATO, Sweden claims Russia has been borking Nordic satellites
If Putin likes jammin', we hope NATO likes jammin' too
(11:20 | register onprem)
DARPA searched for fields quantum computers really could revolutionize, with mixed results
It's not all hype, but more work is needed before solutions are feasible or affordable
(11:20 | register onprem)
'The Exorcism' creators on the sins of the film industry
"The film industry itself is rife with, sort of, sin."
(11:02 | mashable)
Tons of robot vacuums also mop, but these 6 hybrids ace the job
Retire that Swiffer and walk barefoot in peace.
(11:00 | mashable)
Improve your vocabulary with the Wordela app only £7.90 for life
We're not saying you'll learn every single word, but you'll have a lifetime to try.
(11:00 | mashable)
Hackers disrupt Euro 2024 streams Russian attackers suspected of taking broadcasts offline
Official broadcaster hit by multiple attacks that halted Euro 2024 broadcasts
(10:57 | techradar)
The endpoint security problem persists - MEAD offers a new approach
How can IT teams close the endpoint cybersecurity gap?
(10:49 | techradar)
War Thunder devs apologize for accidental use of image of Space Shuttle disaster in latest update
Controversy around War Thunder's new Seek & Destroy update that features artwork from the 1986 Space Shuttle Challenger disaster.
(10:47 |
Escalating global cyber threats require robust layered security measures
Email threat landscape and how enterprises can protect themselves
(08:50 | techradar)
Pepe Unchained: The Meme Coin Market is Gearing Up For Another Thrilling Bull Run
Pepe Unchained has entered the meme coin scene to redefine the existing Pepe with its utility-driven ecosystem.
(07:29 |
How you can watch Australia vs. India online for free
Tune into the next game of the T20 Super Eights stage for free.
(06:00 | mashable)
Googles attempt to kill off child privacy app advertising lawsuit defeated
Won't somebody pleeease think of the ... oh, right, they are
(04:49 | register onprem)
How 'House of the Dragon' Season 2 is different from George R.R. Martin's 'Fire and Blood'
Arryk vs. Erryk plays out a tad differently in the show.
(04:10 | mashable)
Car dealer software bigshot CDK pulls systems offline twice amid 'cyber incident'
Downtime set to crash into next week
(01:48 | register onprem)
Crooks get their hands on 500K+ radiology patients' records in cyber-attack
Two ransomware gangs bragged of massive theft of personal info and medical files
(01:48 | register onprem)
Quordle today hints and answers for Monday, June 24 (game #882)
Our clues will help you solve Quordle today and keep that streak going
(01:02 | techradar)
NYT Connections today hints and answers for Monday, June 24 (game #379)
Our clues will help you solve the NYT
(01:02 | techradar)
NYT Strands today hints, answers and spangram for Monday, June 24 (game #113)
Our clues will help you solve the NYT
(01:01 | techradar)
Twitch banned Dr Disrespect after viewing messages sent to a minor, say former employees
The reason behind his ban has been a mystery.
(Tegnap | theverge)
IBM, Kyndryl again once sued for age discrimination this time by its own VPs
More big blues at Big Blue ... And of course El Reg is cited in lawsuit
(Tegnap | register onprem)
Tesla's tight grip on repairs sparks courtroom showdown
Class action allowed to continue with EV maker's 'tying' practices the focus
(Tegnap | register onprem)
Half of Dell US staff reportedly opted for remote work
Reduced promotion prospects for those involved, and some already eyeing up the exit route
(Tegnap | register onprem)
50 Cent got hacked by someone shilling memecoins
Get rich or hacked trying.
(Tegnap | mashable)
Today is your last chance to sign up for a seven-day Max trial
Catch up on House of the Dragon for free while you still can.
(Tegnap | theverge)
Battery electric vehicles lose their spark in Europe as hybrids steal the show
Germans cooling on proper EVs, according to auto industry group
(Tegnap | register onprem)
Semiconductor industry navigating choppy waters with sunnier climes ahead
Despite dip in equipment revenue, analysts predict robust rebound
(Tegnap | register onprem)
The new Final Cut Pro hooked me on iPad video editing
Everything you need to know about Final Cut 2 on M4 iPad Pro.
(Tegnap | theverge)
Theres a new Civilization mobile game out, but the snag is you have to live in China to play it
Civ fans in China are about to get a treat with a new Civilization mobile game entering a closed beta test before its launch.
(Tegnap |
I regret buying the PSVR 2
It seems like Sony is giving up on the platform, and so am I.
(Tegnap | theverge)
Microsoft's new Surface Laptop 7 has arrived. The recovery images have not
Nice computer. Shame if anything happened to it
(Tegnap | register onprem)
Risk of getting malicious extension from Chrome store way worse than Google's letting on, study suggests
All depends on how you count it Chocolate Factory claims 1% fail rate
(Tegnap | register onprem)
Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 overview weve seen just six minutes and already cant wait for September
We have now had a decent look at Warhammer 40K: Space Marine 2 and it looks. Cool. Find out what we like the best.;
(Tegnap |
Inside Andy Cohen's Clubhouse: A behind-the-scenes look at 'Watch What Happens Live'
For a Bravo fan, visiting the Clubhouse is the ultimate dream. Mashable's culture reporter got to do it twice.
(Tegnap | mashable)
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