Perp said to have secretly recorded patients and digitally undressed them using web neural networks (09:39 | register)
Mesterséges intelligencia: emberfeletti kilátások
Jimmy Wales, a Wikipédia alapítója szerint még akár fél évszázadba is telhet, de megjelennek majd emberfeletti MI-k, ezek létrejöttében azonban hatalmas szerepe van és lesz is a szabad enciklopédiának. A Wikipédia atyja a mesterséges intelligencia terén úttörő Sam Altmanről, Elon Muskról és a ChatGP... (07:10 | Vg)
The Universe According To Coperni: Apple, Evian Water And AI Tech
AI is one of the biggest revolutions of our time as long as we use it in the right way:" Coperni co-founder Arnaud Vaillant (07:00 | forbes)
Looking back at a transformative year for AI
Breakthrough AI and LLMs like ChatGPT have unleashed waves of optimism, apprehension and speculation. What will 2024 bring? (Tegnap | venturebeat)
Véletlenül egy ChatGPT által írt törvényt fogadtak el Brazíliában
A lépés többekben ellenérzéseket váltott ki. (Tegnap | Index)
A Wikipédia atyja szerint lassan, de biztosan mindenkit felülmúl majd a mesterséges intelligencia
Jimmy Wales, a Wikipédia alapítója szerint még akár fél évszázadba is telhet, de megjelennek majd emberfeletti MI-k, ezek létrejöttében azonban hatalmas szerepe van és lesz is a szabad enciklopédiának. A Wikipédia atyja a mesterséges intelligencia terén úttörő Sam Altmanről, Elon Muskról és a ChatGP... (Tegnap | Vg)
Marketingesek, zenészek és grafikusok munkáját veheti el a mesterséges intelligencia
Bár kezdetben úgy tűnt, hogy a mesterséges intelligencia a fizikai munkák felett veszi át először az irányítást, ez az elmélet mára megdőlni látszik. A ChatGPT-hez köthető mesterséges intelligencia-alapú eszközök gyors fejlődése az eddig biztonságosnak tartott ,,tudásalapú munkákat" még hamarabb sod... (Tegnap | Hirklikk)
A better way to YouTube
Also in this weeks Installer: Cybertrucks, Spotify Wrapped, and ChatGPT. (Tegnap | theverge)
Doing Nothing Breaks The System: Transforming A Moment Into A Movement (Part 5 Of The Time Capsule Project Series)
If nothing is broken, do we need to fix it? Its an age-old question that triggers concern in people because it feels like the answer is not intuitive. Most people should say, no. However, there are two specific circumstances that we should say, yes. (Tegnap | forbes)
Corvinus-kutatás: a fejlődő országok szegényei nem érdeklik a mesterséges intelligenciát
Egy éve, november 30-án tették hozzáférhetővé a ChatGPT-t. Ennek kapcsán is aktuális a téma, az MI etikusan működik-e. A Corvinus kutatása szerint sok globális problémát figyelmen kívül hagy az MI etikusnak szánt, ún. emberközpontú megközelítése. (Tegnap | Prim)
ChatGPT is writing legislation now
A Brazilian city councilman secretly submitted an ordinance written by ChatGPT. (Szo. | mashable)
The Fallacy Of The Small Talent Pool: Winning The War For Diverse Candidates (Part 4 Of The Time Capsule Project Series)
Through machine learning, this microchip will learn and decode our brainwaves and transmit the action directly to a robotic hand. (Szo. | forbes)
Who Is @BasedBeffJezos, The Leader Of The Tech Elites E/Acc Movement?
A former Google engineer and the founder of stealth AI startup Extropic, is behind the Twitter account leading the effective accelerationism movement sweeping Silicon Valley. (Szo. | forbes)
Nvidia-Backed Startup Together AI Raises $102.5 Million
"They can achieve higher accuracy in their task by fine-tuning an open source model than just using a large proprietary model like GPT-4." (Szo. | decrypt)
In firing Altman, OpenAIs board wanted to keep the element of surprise
Microsoft, the largest investor in OpenAI, was kept in the dark. (Pén. | theverge)
A blueprint for the perfect Gen AI data layer: Insights from Intuit
Intuit has stood out among enterprise companies for its speed and adeptness at deploying the generative AI. Intuit's VP of Product Management walks through step-by-step how to get to the perfect data layer to make generative AI work. (Pén. | venturebeat)
Report: OpenAI's GPT App store won't arrive this year
First move of the reinstated CEO? (Pén. | techradar)
OpenAIs GPT store delayed to next year
OpenAI said its developers have been busy with something unexpected. (Pén. | theverge)
GPT-4 developer tool can be exploited for misuse with no easy fix
OpenAIs developer tool for its GPT-4 large language model can be misused to trick the AI into providing information to aid would-be terrorists, and fixing the problem wont be easy (Pén. |
GPT Store To Launch Next Year, ChatGPT Updates Coming Soon
OpenAI shares its plans for the GPT Store, enhancements to GPT Builder tools, privacy improvements, and updates coming to ChatGPT. (Pén. | searchenginejournal)
Meet DeepSeek Chat, Chinas latest ChatGPT rival with a 67B model
The launch of DeepSeek LLMs marks another notable move from China in the AI space and expands the countrys offerings to cover all popular model sizes serving a broad spectrum of end users. (Pén. | venturebeat)
Brits turn off Twitter, although teens and tweens keen on generative AI
Bing grows but Google remains top dog, according to Ofcom report (Pén. | register onprem)
Qwiet AI Raises Volume Of Application Vulnerability Fixes
Software runs on engines. This analogy works in the app security industry, but at a level that helps us explain how vulnerability detection & remediation is now evolving. (Pén. | forbes)
Ijesztő, hogy milyen egyszerű trükkel játszották ki a ChatGPT-t
A jelek szerint tényleg nagy mennyiségű személyes információt és jogvédett tartalmat használnak a ChatGPT tanításához, amit a rendszer teljesen kiszámíthatatlanul szórhat vissza a megfelelően utasításokra. (Pén. | Bitport)
6 ways to use generative AI for your marketing
Learn capabilities, use cases and ethical considerations as you integrate generative AI into your marketing strategy. (Pén. | Martech)
Ezeket a szakmákat nem váltja ki a mesterséges intelligencia
Nemrég egy kutatás során kiderült, hogy számviteli, könyvelési területen a diákok kenterbe verték a ChatGPT-t. Nem a pénzügyi terület azonban az egyetlen, ahol a mesterséges intelligencia labdába sem rúghat a humán munkaerővel szemben. (Pén. | Prim)
Plai Labs launches PlaiDay app putting generative AI 3D animation in your hand
Plai Labs is launching its PlaiDay app that allows you to write a text prompt and use generative AI to produce a 3D animation or video. (Pén. | venturebeat)
Megafire And New AI/ML Models For Change
The problem is one that lots of people understand intuitively in changing the habitats and the landscape of the continent, we started to suppress natural fire cycles... (Pén. | forbes)
Okay, Sam Altman Is Back At OpenAI
Alternate titles Of Course Altman is Back at OpenAI It (Pén. | forbes)
Már egy éve, hogy a ChatGPT jött és felbolygatott mindent
A chatbot jött, látott és felforgatta a technológiai szektort: épp egy éve, hogy az OpenAI elérhetővé tette a csevegőszolgáltatást, és kinyitotta Pandora szelencéjét, de még mindig csak tapogatózun... (Pén. | HWSW)
OpenAIs Drama Should Teach Marketers These 2 Lessons
Should you care about the C-suite drama at OpenAI? Only if you plan to integrate any brands generative AI tools into your marketing strategy for 2024 and beyond. (Pén. | contentmarketinginstitute)
iA Writer can now track what you or ChatGPT wrote
Black for you, grey for the machine. (Pén. | theverge)
AI copyright row deepens: Stability VP quits in protest over 'fair use' excuse
Refuses to sing from the corporate songbook on the legal grounds for training neural nets on people's work
(09:39 | register)
Baidu joins Tencent in downplaying impact of US chip bans on AI ambitions
Stockpiled silicon, improving efficiency, and looking for alternative suppliers while maybe taking a dig at Microsoft and OpenAI
(09:39 | register)
Ex-OpenAI staff launch new chatbot yup, it's Anthropic with Claude 2.1
Half as many hallucinations, startup claims, and it admits when it's wrong
(04:38 | register)
Creating a single AI-generated image needs as much power as charging your smartphone
PLUS: Microsoft to invest £2.5B in UK datacenters to power AI, and more
(04:38 | register)
Software is listening for the options you want it to offer, and it's about time
Talking back to devices will end the confusion caused by long menus of functions nobody uses
(04:38 | register)
OpenAI meltdown: Where does this leave the upstart, Microsoft, and you?
Tune in, hear or watch our vultures wrap up this fiasco, before it goes out of date
(02:01 | register)
OpenAI pauses ChatGPT Plus sign-ups as it 'hits capacity'
If only there was an investor with a scalable cloud to hand...
(02:01 | register)
You get a Copilot, and you get a Copilot Microsoft now the Copilot company
Bing Chat is now known as you can guess. Plus more AI bits and pieces coming to Teams, Office, etc
(02:01 | register)
To pay or not to pay for AI's creative 'borrowing' that is the question
One that Microsoft and Meta dodged during House of Lords committee
(Tegnap | register)
UK and US lead international efforts to raise AI security standards
17 countries agree to adopt vision for artificial intelligence security as fears mount over pace of development
(Tegnap | register)
Google DeepMind's GraphCast AI weather predictor looks fascinating on paper but ...
... Even its creators say it ain't 'a replacement for traditional forecasting methods'
(Tegnap | register)
Amazon says it's ready to train future AI workforce
Plus: Russia will soon be Putin up with lagging West, fake influencers and more
(Tegnap | register)
OpenAI meltdown: How could Microsoft have let this happen after betting so many billions?
A quick summary of the past three days of chaos. And Redmond has questions to answer
(Tegnap | register)
OpenAI makes it official: Sam Altman is back as CEO
Microsoft joins the board in non-voting role
(Tegnap | register)
AI offers some novel crystal materials that could form future chips, batteries, more
What's more, a robot managed to cook some of them up. So, y'know, it might not be entirely science fiction
(Tegnap | register)
YouTubers kindly asked to mark their deepfake vids as Fake Fakey McFake Fakes
Fess up before Google's robo-cops possibly finger your synthetic drivel
(Tegnap | register)
Control Altman delete: OpenAI fires CEO, chairman quits
Chief gets upgraded to customer LLMs may be coming for your job but the board came for his
(Tegnap | register)
With all eyes on OpenAI, Meta drags its Responsible AI team to the recycle bin
Ethics staff shifted to generative ML and infrastructure units
(Tegnap | register)
Meta: If you're in our house running AI-massaged political ads, you need to 'fess up
Facebook titan vows to protect two billion voters ... but US gets more protection than India, Indonesia, Mexico, EU
(Tegnap | register)
AI chemist creates catalysts to make oxygen using Martian meteorites
Robotic process hunts down local extraterrestrial materials to aid supply of on-site fuel and oxygen
(Tegnap | register)
OpenAI staff threaten to leave if ousted CEO Altman is not reinstated
OpenAI is nothing without its people, say staffers who signed letter
(Tegnap | register)
Microsoft dials back Bing after users manage to recreate Disney logo in fake AI-generated images
Plus: Amazon lays off hundreds of employees working on Alexa, and more
(Szo. | register)
Fired OpenAI boss Sam Altman may join Microsoft
Worst season of Succession ever
(Szo. | register)
CEO of self-driving cab outfit Cruise parks his career
After string of self-driving crashes, Kyle Vogt plans to 'spend time with my family and explore some new ideas'
(Szo. | register)
Wish you could sing like Charli XCX or possess any musical talent? YouTube AI might make that happen
Fake it (with a neural network) until you make it
(Szo. | register)
Experienced Copilot help is hard to find, warns Microsoft MVP
Almost nobody has used it, or knows it well, so beware of consultants bearing cred
(Szo. | register)
Strike over? US actors may return to work with top-tier 'progressive AI protections'
Producers will need OK from performers, will pay them to create digi-personas
(Szo. | register)
OpenAI CEO Sam Altman's ejection sparks theories as odd as some ChatGPT output
Interim CEO appointed as rumours swirl about comebacks, doing a startup, or even hardware with Jony Ive
(Szo. | register)
US watchdog gives itself power to demand documents in AI probes
And offers $25,000 prize to stop voice deepfakes from catching on
(Szo. | register)
FCC probes rise of AI robocall armies
'Hello, our records indicate that you had an accident with a massively overhyped technology that wasn't your fault...'
(Szo. | register)
Google Photos' AI Magic Editor won't change pictures of IDs, receipts, faces, or bodies
Plus: Amazon is reportedly training a two-trillion-parameter LLM, and more
(Szo. | register)
Generative AI: Its not just for the big guys
Smaller organizations can enjoy the fruits of generative AI by combining small language models with retrieval augmented generation
(Szo. | register)
Microsoft takes aim at on-desk, non-cloudy developers with Windows AI Studio
Yes, it's true, not everyone uses Azure shock
(Szo. | register)
HPE says impact of AI on enterprise not 'overstated.' It must be hoping so
Company counting on widespread business adoption to counter server declines
(Szo. | register)
Author hopes to throw the book at OpenAI, Microsoft with copyright class action
Stop us if you've heard this one before
(Szo. | register)
UK signals legal changes to self-driving vehicle liabilities
But with technical and insurance industry question unanswered, a few potholes may lie ahead
(Pén. | register)
OpenAI's CEO merry-go-round tosses out voice feature for ChatGPT
Unsurprisingly, the app doesn't know what's going on at the company either
(Pén. | register)
AI agents can copy humans to get closer to artificial general intelligence, DeepMind finds
Googles AI offshoot finds copy-cat robots capable of aping living mentors
(Pén. | register)
Boehringer Ingelheim swaps lab coats for AI algorithms in search for new drugs
Mixing IBM's foundation models and proprietary data to discover novel antibodies
(Pén. | register)
Cerebras CEO puts Nvidia on blast for 'arming' China with top-tier GPUs
Calls biz rival 'un-American' for weaving around chip export ban
(Pén. | register)
No more staff budget for UK civil service, but worry not here's an incubator for AI
Today's story was brought to you by the words politician and silly
(Pén. | register)
Fake views for the win: Text-to-image models learn more efficiently with made-up data
Future neural nets will probably use a mix of AI-generated and real info
(Pén. | register)
Boffins find asking ChatGPT to repeat key words can expose its training data
This one weird trick will blow the large language model's artificial mind
(Pén. | register)
Sam Altman set to rejoin OpenAI as CEO seemingly with Microsoft's blessing
New board includes former Salesforce boss and Treasury Secretary
(Pén. | register)
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